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Off-Peak Heating with Electric Thermal Storage (ETS)

Frustrated with unpredictable home heating prices? It may be time for you to turn to an off-peak heating solution; no other heating form, not gas, propane or fuel oil, offer the price stability of off-peak electric. And in today's world, a little price stability goes along way for your wallet and your piece of mind.

"Our house is a well insulated, 1500 sq. ft bungalow heated by a Steffes System. We purchase 84% of our power at off peak rates, largely as a result of the Steffes System. Our Home stays between 72-73 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Our annual energy bill is about half that of most of our neighbors…"
– Nov Scotia Homeowner

How does an ETS system work?
Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems convert electricity to heat during off-peak hours and store that heat in specially designed ceramic bricks for later use. Off-peak hours are those times during the day or night when electricity usage rates are down, allowing your electric company to supply electricity at a lower cost. Many times, power companies offer special incentives such as a reduced electric rates or special monthly heating bill credits to encourage off-peak energy usage. Our local power companies in the Brainerd Lakes Area, Crow Wing Power and Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative, offer special rates for ETS systems.

Off-Peak Heating (ETS) Brochure – Downloadable/Printable PDF

ETS & Lakes Area Plumbing
In today's economy, there is no question that most people would like to find ways to make their home heating and cooling systems more energy efficient and affordable. At Lakes Area Plumbing we understand this desire, which is why we became a certified dealer for Steffes Corporation*, a manufacturer dedicated to developing innovative products and solutions to meet a variety of needs.

Steffes has created one of the most efficient systems available, combining ETS with Air Source Heat Pump technology. Installing this combination system is one way to ensure energy savings now and into the future. ETS/Heat Pump systems are competitively priced and installation costs are comparable to many other traditional systems. An added bonus to installing an ETS/Heat Pump system, or a standalone ETS furnace, is that you qualify for a discounted rate on all its electrical usage.

Whether you're building a new home, remodeling your existing one or simply looking for a low cost heating alternative, contact Lakes Area Plumbing for additional information about ETS systems, advantages and costs.

*Steffes Corporation, located in Dickinson, ND, is the only North American manufacturer of a family of Electric Thermal Storage heating products (i.e. Room Units, Centrally Ducted Systems, Hydronic Systems and Load Management Controls).

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