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Lakes Area Plumbing, partnered with Uponor, is proud to bring comfortable, radiant-heated floors, efficient plumbing systems and state-of-the-art fire sprinkler systems to your home and/or business.

Efficient Radiant Heating
Radiant heat is a heating system that acts similarly to an oven, instead of simply heating the air, radiant heat systems warm the actual structures of your home – floors, walls, ceilings, etc. This is done by running heating elements under or in the desired structure (usually the floor), as the heat elements warm the floor the air temperature naturally rises, providing optimal comfort. Radiant heating systems are becoming an ever-popular form of heating for many reasons.

Radiant Heat System Advantages

  • Efficiency – unlike other heating systems, such as forced air heat, no energy is lost in duct work.
  • Health Benefits – radiant heat systems do not operate by moving air, this lack of air movement is highly beneficial to individuals prone to allergies because it doesn't circulate dust, dirt and pollutants throughout the home.
  • Cost Savings – Hydronic or liquid-based radiant systems use little electricity, providing stability even as prices fluctuate
  • Radiant Heating Illustration
    Consistent Heat – since the heating element is dispersed throughout the entire room or home, whether under the floor or within the walls, a more consistent heat is delivered, reaching right into corners; unlike with forced air systems where the air is usually warmer or cooler next to the air vent (refer to the diagram at right).
  • In-Floor Heat Diagram
    Versatility – In-floor Radiant Heating Systems work great with any type of floor covering: concrete slabs, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, tile, etc.

Experienced in both plumbing and heating applications, our technicians at Lakes Area Plumbing are able to install a variety of Radiant Heating Systems, providing you and your family with the comfort and consistency you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about having radiant heating installed in your home.

Pex-a Plumbing Systems
At Lakes Area Plumbing we are certified installers of Uponor PEX-a Plumbing Systems, which are plumbing systems featuring cross-linked polyethylene, or PEX, tubing. PEX is flexible plastic tubing allowing for the tightest bend radius available in today's market, reducing the number of connection fittings required to provide efficient plumbing throughout your home. The increased flexibility also greatly reduces kinks, which are common with other plumbing materials. The benefits of PEX-a plumbing systems are vast, making them a more sought-after plumbing solution.

PEX-a Plumbing Benefits/Advantages

  • Corrosion resistant – unlike metal or copper piping, this plastic tubing is immune to corrosion and mineral buildup issues
  • Free of metal contaminants
  • Reduces noise (rushing water, singing pipes, etc.)
  • Increased heat retention in hot-water lines
  • Condensation resistant on cold-water lines

See Uponor Logic Plumbing Systems vs. Conventional Thinking for additional information or contact Lakes Area Plumbing to learn more about how PEX-a Plumbing may be a sure fit for your home or business.

Residential Fire Safety Systems
Why do you need a residential fire safety system? Well for starters, they greatly increase the safety of your home and family should a fire ever occur.

Residential Kitchen with Fire Safety Sprinklers

Fortunately, Uponor, a leading international manufacturer of fire safety systems and based right here in Minnesota, has worked with fire professionals to develop a fire safety solution perfect for residential settings. Their Residential Fire Safety System, paired with our quality installation commitment, can easily become an extension of your home's existing plumbing system. With a cost comparison similar to that of upgrading to stainless steel appliances, you really can't go wrong; especially when a sprinkler system is the only upgrade designed to save lives.

  • Cost effective – this upgrade option can potentially even reduce your homeowners insurance rates
  • Durable PEX-a tubing resists corrosion and reduces connection fittings
  • Faster – speed and seconds count when it comes to fire, it may take minutes for the fire department to arrive, while a sprinkler system can distinguish or reduce most fires within seconds
  • Safe Reliability – While smoke detectors work great, they sound an alarm only after smoke and potentially dangerous flames reach them. Sprinklers respond to heat, most often present well before smoke, and they draw water from your main cold water line.

Contact one of our plumbing experts at Lakes Area Plumbing today; your home, family and possessions are too valuable to solely rely on smoke detectors. Visit uponor.com to learn about the life saving advantages of their Residential Fire Safety Systems.

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